About Howard University Alumni Club of Chicago (HUACC)



Founded in 1867, Howard University, one of the nation's leading research universities, is dedicated to educating students from diverse backgrounds at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. Over 120,000 degrees awarded, guided by our extraordinary cadre of faculty, students are immersed in cutting-edge scholarship and innovation including nanotechnology, human genome research, atmospheric science, as well as the social sciences, arts and humanities.

 Howard University Alumni Chicago Alumni Chapter (HUACC)

With over 1000 Howard University alumni in the Chicagoland area, it represents one of the largest African-American college associations with reach in every facet of Chicago, including politics, business, education and science.  The Howard University Alumni Club of Chicago serves the Bison community of Chicagoland.


  • Bring alumni together with social, educational, and community service events

  • Get more Chicago area alumni involved and connected

  • Connect with other area alumni associations

  • Raise money to keep HUACC a active and purposeful organization

  • Raise money to maintain the annual scholarship foundation in which HUACC can give at least 3 students funds for school